Greystone Oral Histories

Former Patients and Family Members


Poignant memories of treatment at Greystone are shared by former patients and their family members. Rhymes from the book, “Rhymes of a Raver” written in 1928 by a Greystone patient are read by actor Jerry Hurley. Family members of Greystone employees who grew up on the hospital grounds also discuss their unique childhoods.

Leigh Busby, former Greystone Consumer
Leigh reflects on his resilience during some difficult years at Greystone, and his career as a professional photographer.



Christine D., Former Patient
Christine describes how her experiences with Greystone’s more troubling aspects have made her an effective patient advocate.

Cathy Cowing, Family Member
Cathy recalls in poignant detail her mother’s journey into mental illness, her treatments at Greystone, and the lifelong impact on Cathy’s family.

Valerie Fox – Former Greystone Consumer, Retired Greystone Hospital Peer Specialist
Valerie shares her life journey from gainful employment and family life to homelessness, psychiatric hospitalization, recovery and providing peer support to Greystone patients.

Jerry Hurley
“Rhymes of a Raver: Tribute to a Castle of Salvaged Souls” Written by former consumer, Richard David Comstock in 1929.
Read by Jerry Hurley, actor and Bergen County Players member.

John, Patient at Greystone, ages 13-15
“I wanted to participate in this project to shed some light on mental health issues. And I’m asking anyone listening to this interview to please be kind to your fellow man. You never know what someone else has gone through in their earlier or present life.”

Pamela, former Greystone consumer (1998, 1999)
Pamela describes her feelings, relationships and treatment regimen during her stays at Greystone.