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Conscientious Objectors:
The following articles were written by Mennonite Conscientious Objectors who served at Greystone during WWII

Conscientious Objectors and the Transformation of Mental Health Care” article by Harold Lehman

“The Second Mile”, Feb. 22, 1945 Mennonite Central Committee Bulletin, article by Frank Wright


Demolition of Greystone’s Main Building:

“They’re Tearing Old Greystone Down” video by Grover Kemble, author and performer

“Greystone Rising”  video by Jody Johnson

“Greystone Park: One Last Look” photo collection by Phil Buehler

PreservationWorks: A national advocacy organization for the preservation and reuse of Kirkbride Asylum Buildings

“The Many Phantoms of Kirkbride Hospitals of the Insane” video lecture by Dr. Robert Kirkbride – Photographs, history, current status, and future plans of numerous Kirkbride Plan buildings.


Dorothea Dix, New Jersey’s First Mental Health Advocate:

“Memorial Soliciting a State Hospital For the Insane”, author Dorothea L. Dix. Submitted to the Legislature of New Jersey, January 23, 1845


Evergreen Cemetery: Greystone Patients’ Final Resting Place:

Greystone Patients Final Resting Place – Evergreen Cemetery – PDF with one page of information and two pages of photos

Miles James Freeman – Civil War Veteran Who is Likely Buried at Evergreen Cemetery

Chauncey B. Horton – Civil War Veteran Who is Likely Buried at Evergreen Cemetery

Civil War Veterans Who Were in Greystone

Photo of Civil War Group Burial Site at Evergreen


Former Greystone Consumer Art/Writings

Leigh Busby, Photos and Art

Prose by Valerie Fox


Mahlon Blaine

Mahlon Blaine Illustrations

Mahlon Blaine’s Inscription on “Black Majesty’ to Dr. Archie Crandell, Greystone Superintendent
Image provided by James Cummins Bookseller

Mahlon Blaine’s Inscription on “The Maniac” to Dr. Archie Crandell, Greystone Superintendent
Image provided by James Cummins Bookseller


Enoch Bolles

“Beauty By Design: The Art of Enoch Bolles”. Article about Enoch Bolles, prominent graphic artist and Greystone patient.

Enoch Bolles Illustrations


Naomi Ginsberg, Allen Ginsberg and Family


Naomi Ginsberg Paintings – Courtesy of Jacqueline Gens, Administrative Assistant and Photo Archivist 1988-1994 at Ginsberg and Associates



New Jersey State Hospital Greystone Park Historic Photo Album 1895-1970, Compiled by Peter Olin 2008 (This 456 page PDF is a large file, so it may take a while to open, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.)

“Contents of Greystone Patient’s Stomach” photo. Courtesy of the Morristown and Morris Township Library’s Greystone Photograph Album


Families of Deceased Greystone Patients:

Identifying An Individual Who Was Treated at Greystone

Finding A Loved Ones Death Date and Burial Site

Prayer for Families of Deceased Greystone Patients



Expanded Hospital Annual Reports 1876-1935 compiled by Peter Olin 2008

“Bedlam 1946″ article. From Life magazine, May 6, 1946 issue
This article was based on documentation of psychiatric hospital deficiencies obtained by WWII Mennonite C.O.’s. It was the first major expose of mental health treatment that was made available to the public.

Psychiatry, Psychology, Mental Health, and the Law,
Powerpoint presentation by Eric John Marcy, Esq., former Greystone Hospital Board of Trustees Member

National Register of Historic Places Registration Form – Greystone Park State Psychiatric Hospital Gas Works
The application was submitted by Kurt Hirschberg, architect and was approved. It is the only portion of the former Greystone Hospital which is on the National Register.

“Topectomy versus leukotomy: J. Laurence Pool’s contribution to psychosurgery” Neurosurg Focus Volume 43 Sept. 2017
This article summarizes the research conducted by Columbia University on lobotomized Greystone patients. Article authors are physicians in the Dept. of Neurological Surgery, Rutgers NJ Medical School, Newark, NJ.

“Skip this Christmas Gathering: Family Drama and Dysfunction in Early 20th Century Morristown (NJ).” Dec.8, 2015 Cheryl Turkington, Assistant Archivist (retired), North Jersey History and Genealogy Center. This article describes the colorful life of local feminist and political advocate, Alice Leslie Hill, who was involuntarily committed to Greystone Hospital.

Trinity Luthern Church: Loving Visitors to Greystone Patients

Book Inscription by Dr. Walter Freeman, Lobotomist, to Greystone Superintendent Archie Crandell

“The Curious Case of Ann Cooper Hewitt” – Greystone Hospital psychiatrists were consulted about the involuntary sterilization of 1930’s high society heiress, Ann Cooper Hewitt.

“Dr. Hildegard Peplau, the “Mother of Psychiatric Nursing”. – Dr. Hildegard Peplau, Rutgers State University School of Nursing Faculty member, was the founder of psychiatric nursing who trained her students at Greystone.