Stephanie Kip – Project Founder and Manager

Stephanie Kip founded the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Oral History Project in 2018. She brings a diverse background of education and experience to the project. She holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Rutgers University, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from New York University.

 Stephanie worked for ten years as a librarian in Parsippany, NJ where Greystone Hospital was located. In 2016 she organized a panel discussion to observe the first anniversary of the demolition of Greystone’s iconic Main Building. The theme was “Greystone Remembered:  Its Architectural and Cultural Significance, The Efforts to Save it and Its Legacy for Other Historic Psychiatric Institutions”. The event was live streamed to 1000 people and a strong interest was expressed to preserve individuals’ memories of Greystone.

Prior to working in the Information Services field, Stephanie worked as Program Director in numerous mental health and addiction programs, including Bellevue Hospital’s (infamous) old Psychiatry Building.  Her background in oral history includes serving as Parsippany, NJ’s Manager for the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project, participating in the national StoryCorps and Rutgers University Oral History projects.

Based on Stephanie’s expertise in conducting oral histories for the Library of Congress and her past employment as an administrator in the old Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Building, establishing this Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Oral History Project seemed like a natural utilization of her skills. Stephanie believes that everyone has an interesting story to tell and was particularly inspired by a former Greystone patient who said “For a long time I’ve wanted someone to ask me about Greystone”.

 The Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Oral History Project is self-funded by Stephanie, and it operates independently of other organizations. Written interview transcripts are archived in the North Jersey History and Genealogy Center of the Morristown Library.